Precious Metals

Since the invention of liquid gold products by Gottlob Kuhn in 1827 (Meißen/Germany), precious metals have become an indispensible element for decorating ceramic products.

Goods with this kind of decoration achieve in a special way a higher value.

Our product range contains:

Gold, bright

Gold, semi-matt

Gold, matt

Platinum (silver-coloured), bright

Platinum (silver-coloured), matt

Lustres in various coloured types.


Depending on the carrier material (e.g. tiles, porcelain, bone china), firing conditions, application technique (e.g. brush, decal) and according to the desired aspect, we offer the matching products.

Due to the diversity of possible kinds of application we need detailed information regarding your wishes and specific working conditions in order to offer the appropriate article from our wide range of products.

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