1896 Foundation of the company by Carl Reimbold and Adolf Strick. In the beginning tin oxide was produced, which was an indispensible opacifier for enamels and glazes at that time.
1945 After the factory had been completely destroyed in the II. World War, the recontruction started under very difficult circumstances.
1970 Take over of the company Heinz Welte, Ing. This was the breeding ground of the today's division "Welte Glasur und Farbe", supplier for the hobby and pottery market with a wide range of ready-to-use products.
1974 Foundation of CCT (Colores Cerámicos de Tortosa, S.A.) specialized in development, production and sales of inorganic pigments and colours.
1985 Foundation of Reimbold & Strick Italia s.r.l. in Fiorano, selling products of the CCT-Group in Italy.
1994 Implementation of the Quality Management System according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.
2005 Take over by the worldwide operating Group Torrecid, S.A., Alcora/ Spain.
2008 Relocation of the company from Köln-Kalk to Köln-Gremberghoven.

Reimbold & Strick Hauptsitz in Köln

Handels- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft
für chemisch-keramische Produkte mbH

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