Reimbold & Strick

Reimbold & Strick is a medium-sized company located in Cologne on the Rhine. We are developing and selling all kinds of products, required for the decoration of ceramic surfaces, all over the world. The tile, sanitary and tableware industry are our main customers. But also the technical ceramic industry and the grinding industry are important markets.

Even though the production of ceramic commodities and objects of art had already started a thousand years ago, constantly new developments in technique and design took place and are still taking place. Reimbold & Strick meets the needs by developing new products and by a very effective technical department supporting our customers all over the world with the implementation of innovations.

For more than 100 years, Reimbold & Strick is operating in the ceramic industry and has become an appreciated supplier of high-quality products during this time.

Due to the successful past of Reimbold & Strick, we feel obliged to remain also in the future a reliable partner for our customers, supporting them with individual expert advice and customised products. By doing so we make an essential contribution to the added value of our customers.


Reimbold & Strick Hauptsitz in Köln

Handels- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft
für chemisch-keramische Produkte mbH

Hansestr. 70
51149 Köln
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